Purchasing a House in Turkey As a Foreigner

There aren’t any restrictions for foreigners to buy houses in Turkey. If you can spend over $250,000 to buy a house, you will even be able to obtain Turkish citizenship. However, you should still have a basic understanding on how to find that perfect house in Turkey, so that you can reap maximum benefits that come along with the investment you do.

  • Finding a home in Turkey

There are multiple Turkish real estate websites on the internet. You can go through those websites and look for the investment opportunities that are available for you to grab. Upon considering all those opportunities, you should pick the best house, which is delivering maximum value for the amount you spend out of your pocket.

However, the overall process of finding a home that is available for sale in Turkey can be overwhelming, especially if you are located out of the country. This is where you should work closely with the real estate advisers. The real estate advisers will be able to guide you on how to purchase property that is available for sale. You just need to follow their guidance and buy your property.

  • Understand what makes a house a home in Turkey

There are three main requirements available for a house to become a home in Turkey. First thing out of that is the title deed. This would confirm that you are the legal owner of the home. The second requirement is building license, which is also known as the habitation certificate. You or another party will not be able to occupy the house without this. Then you will need to have liability for the purchase that you make as well.


  • What is required to buy a house in Turkey

As a foreigner, you will need to have some special requirements for purchasing a property that is available for sale in Turkey. For example, you will need to be equipped with an Energy Performance Certificate. This is one of the new requirements that you must have to proceed with your purchase. You will also have to deal with the restrictions implemented by the Land Registry and Ministry of Environment of Turkey.

Working along with these requirements can be confusing and overwhelming. This is where you should work with one of the expert real estate advisers as you go through the houses in Turkey. The real estate adviser will be able to take care of most of the work on behalf of you. Therefore, you will just need to explain your requirement and receive the support that is being sent on your way accordingly. You will never encounter any confusing situations as you purchase your property in Turkey as well. On top of everything, you will get the opportunity to go through a convenient and hassle-free experience, which can deliver the smoothest home purchasing experience as a foreigner. Along with this, you can even apply for Turkish citizenship as well.

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